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Friday, January 4, 2008

Spread the love NOW!!

"What the world need now, is Love, sweet love.." immediately sprung to mind when i was first informed about the "Spread the Love NOW" campaign hosted by Kenton, Albert and Wade, also known as "The Three Monks"

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in. For further information, you are welcome to visit either of their websites at:


The following is my bit in the quest to spread Love, Hope and Faith


A Question of Faith..

Little over three months ago, a dear friend of mine was bowled over with the devastating news that she had Leukemia. Chronic Myloid Leukemia to be exact. According to me, Cancer was for old people, people who had already lived their lives. For old people who needed and excuse to die.

In South Africa, being diagnosed with CML meant that you either had to be a billionaire to afford the medication, or like most others before her, just wait until the very life was seeped from you like water through a sponge.

Everyday was a battle for the next as this monster fed off of her. And i still wonder how she remained so optimistic in the light of such a terrible burden.

About eight weeks after the diagnosis, her body wasn't producing enough red blood cells, she grew pale and looked weaker than ever before. For the first time she broke down. She wept. Tears of anger, the kind where you question God. Tears of disappointment, 'cause she knew her family was hurting. Tears of sorrow, afraid of being left behind. And tears of relief, knowing she'd be set free from the agony. Or so she thought.

God had another plan, and he wasn't going to let her off the hook that easily. Then the call came "There is treatment for your illness, that would make you live a normal life...". What great news, she'd have a new lease on life. Then came the rest, "...the only foundation who sponsors the medication is in the U.S, and you'd have to write a pretty darn good motivational letter for them to even consider your application.."
What nonsense was this? How dare some person faraway play judge and jury as to whether she was to live or not? How dare they "consider" whether she needed their help or not? Who were these people?

Thereafter, the inevitable happened. She fell into a deep depression, awaiting the day that her body would be to weak to even care anymore. I think this could've been the time when she grew sick and tired of being sick and tired. So everyday she plucked up the strength and wrote just a little bit of why she felt she,not deserved , but would appreciate the foundations help.

On 12 November 2007, she posted her letter and in less than two weeks, she received a reply.

Today she's living off one Glevic capsule per day. The one capsule that meant either life or death. The one capsule which gives her life for the rest of her life.

Had it not been for one letter, one prayer and a giant leap of faith, she'd not be the strong, young lady, with the greatest zest for life i've seen in a long while.

Many thanks goes out to "The Max Foundation" You've made a world of difference in one family's life so faraway.

May your foundation be blessed and grow from strength to strength..

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